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Laws, Regulations, Policies (LRP) Library

Leveraging LRPs in Requirements, Operations, and Risk Management

Laws, Regulations, Policies (LRP) Library
A LRP repository capability is the quasi-authoritative source to ensure personnel are aware their activities and of the applicable laws, regulations, and policies (procedures, instructions, directives, orders, circulars, memorandums, etc.) in developing requirements baselines, operational guidance, and risk management criteria. LRP requirements are the minimum set of prerequisites for the baseline, in essence LRP are approved implementation constraints. LRP Library becomes one foundational aspect of the requirements management process. To aid operations, some organizations have aligned the LRP content to the business architectures to allow for easier linking policy to operations. The LRP Library supports the processes and rules to adopt, implement, and monitor an integrated business environment. Applied to risk management organizations have a better understanding on potential risks and allows for the prioritization and mitigation strategies based on the organization's business objectives and needs.