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Business Semantic Thesaurus

LinguMatic - Solving Next Generation Semantic Information Integration

Business Semantic Thesaurus
Today's business systems face accelerating demands for information that is more accurate, more accessible and enables delivery of critical business values across mobile, cloud and analytic environments. Added to this are the challenges of multilingual support not just for international exchanges but for service delivery to diverse communities in metropolitan centers, trade hubs and tourist destinations. Then public safety and counter terrorism drives the need for international collaboration and ability to analyze information from multiple sources effectively.

Traditional methods using harmonization of vocabularies simply cannot provide the needed speed and adaptability. The approach developed by Illumonus LLC is centered around a Business Semantic Thesaurus (BST) coupled with direct linkages to collections of Business Component Dictionaries drawn from physical industry exchange vocabularies. All this is underpinned using open source and open public standards based software. 

The Illumonus business-centric approach is been implemented by the Japanese government “IMI” (pronounced Immee) initiative that is adopting the concepts as the foundation for Japan's open information architecture.

Understanding Semantic Integration
The Illumonus approach combines two core concepts. The first component is LinguMatic™, Illumonus’ online Business Semantic Thesaurus for use by designers, implementers and business users of information systems in a manner which will allow systems development to move from a closed to an open multilingual environment. 

Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM)

Business-centric XML Editor/Validator/Designer with CAMV

Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM)
The single most important problem that Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) is solving is simpler and more reliable interoperability for business information exchanges. CAM was designed to better meet the needs of business exchange requirements and interoperability. CAM is a product of the OASIS Content Assembly Technical Committee. https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=cam The CAM approach aligns with the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) https://www.niem.gov